Seamless Video Wall

Recent research shows that the digital seamless video wall is taking over as king of the trade show, and even replacing the projection screen as the technology continues to get cheaper. The value you in a seamless video wall is that you can have top notch graphics- the same as what you might find on your 1080p TV at home, but because of the latest technology you won’t be paying for it for the next 100 years. There are of course several ways to go about designing a seamless video wall and we’re going to discuss them.
We’ll also talk about where you can find the tools and parts needed to design your wall and what it is that makes the wall appear seamless to begin with. Once you have all these things in place, then you know that you’re in better shape. You’ll be able to dazzle your audience (whoever they may be) and really capture their attention.
A seamless video wall means a couple of things. The bezel, or portion of the screen that isn’t an active viewing area, has to be very small. It’s this non-active portion of the screen that turns into the so-called seam. On seamless video walls you still have a bezel, but the bezel tends to be very small. This helps create the illusion that it’s actually a seamless video wall, even though if you want to be technical about it, there is a seam.
There are several important advantages to using a seamless video wall over using a traditional projector or even a very large screen. Probably the most noticeable is the lower cost, at least over using an extremely large monitor. For example, if you were to buy an 80 inch monitor from NEC, you might end up spending upwards of $50,000. Now while you might think that this is unbelievable, it’s actually true. Most businesses, even very large business find this to be extreme. Instead, you can use a video wall controller, such as the iVu9 Stand-alone video wall controller to create the exact same effect by linking as many as 9 screens together and controlling them through the box. You can find this controller at, but more on that in just a minute. The cost of the controller used to create the seamless video wall is under $3000, so depending on the size of the wall you want to setup, you can probably spend about 1/5 of the same amount and get the same effect.
So how can you figure out what to buy? Well as I mentioned above you can give the guys over at a call. They have all the equipment you’re going to need and they have a staff that can help you determine what you need to run this for your business. They’ve really helped me over the years in determining what I need to setup the best multi-monitor computer system, but they are experts in video walls too. In fact, they’ve built video walls for the US Army and Navy. They’ve also helped design video walls for huge casinos all over the world. My point is that they know what they are doing.
You goal when designing a seamless video wall should be to use the best possible equipment at the lowest cost. If you follow the advice in this article you should be able to do just that. Don’t be intimidated by sheer size, putting together a multiple monitor seamless video wall is easier than you think. Hopefully you’ll be able to take this information and put together a put together an ultimate seamless video wall.