Stand Alone Video Wall Controller

The iVu9Pro from Super-PC (exclusively available at may very well be the very best solution for companies attempting to create an amazing video wall presentation. Simply put, this is the

ATI Multiple Monitors Flight Simulator Video Wall Display
ATI Multiple Monitors Flight Simulator Video Wall Display
stand alone video wall controller to use. It’s an ultra high resolution solution that allows 8 mega pixel input and more importantly, 8 mega pixel output, resulting in an ultra high quality display. But here’s the real kick, this controller has an OSD keypad on the front that enables super easy-control interface. And because of the design, keypad in the front and video outputs and power in the rear, it means that cabling is a breeze.

On its own, the iVu9Pro can drive nearly any type of display: LCD, DLP, video wall cubes and projectors, so it’s perfect for any display application. But to add more fuel to the fire, it will save you a small fortune, especially if you are trying to use an extra large wall display. Consider this, the NEC 82” Large Screen LCD Wall display unit will set you back almost $50,000, and while I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with its performance, you may not be able to afford this kind of display. However, $40,000 (maybe more) less, you can design and setup display using the iVu9Pro that will knock the socks of any trade show. It is clearly the economical choice.

Some other advantages are the pixel-to-pixel mapping without resolution loss. In fact, the iVu9Pro displays 7 megapixel images. The iVu9Pro also has fan-less design for any implementation and the iVu9pro can operate in a total of 6 screen modes (3×2, 2×3 or 3×3) for ultimate versatility. And it can do this with one images source input of up to 4080×2304 DVI Dual-Link or even 9 DVI-D out puts to 9 monitors (the above mentioned 3×3 configuration.)

If you have been considering setting up a video wall display, the iVu9Pro from Super-PC is an optimal choice. It is designed to allow ease of use features and will likely leave you feeling excited with the possibilities and versatility. You can only find this video wall controller box at, so keep that in mind when you are shopping around as you’ll be let down trying to find it elsewhere.