Stock Trading Computer Setup

Are you curious about the advantages of a stock trading computer setup? If you aren’t then you definitely should be because most stock traders figured out years ago that a stock trading computer setup will help them utilize all the tricks of the trade in a much easier way that give even the novice a competitive advantage. We’re going to talk about a few things in this article, but each of these things represents an important facet of a stock trading computer setup. If you are a day trader that is still using a single monitor computer, then guess what? This article is for you. But we’re not going to just discuss the importance of multiple monitors; we’re going to talk about some other very important factors as well. Those include, but certainly aren’t limited to: where you work, your internet connection, you ability to
access information, the way you work and more. We’re also going to talk about the components of a stock trading computer setup. There is a lot of misinformation out there, so hopefully we’ll be able to eliminate some of that from your way of thinking. And finally, we’ll discuss the best place to get your new stock trading computer setup.
OK! So you’ve made the leap to working from home with your stock trading, FOREX, or futures business. You’ve probably been tinkering in the market for years or at least several months, but you finally feel confident enough with your knowledge that you should be able to jump in and start making a secure and healthy living. Well, if you’ve done your homework you already know that there are a few tools that you need to be successful. And while every trader has their own personal style, you also know how important it is to be setup up correctly. For your stock trading computer setup, the first thing we want to narrow in on is WHERE you trade. Some guys think that it doesn’t matter. You’ve probably been to your local Starbucks and seen guys trying to work there. Well let me tell you, you can’t expect to get your job done if you’re being distracted by interested onlookers. That’s why it’s so important to have a comfortable, but professional office setup at home or in a rented office space. In fact, a lot of us join a co-op of other traders and rent a small office just so we won’t have to deal with the typical at home distractions. Listen, working for yourself is great, but if you don’t set yourself up for success, then you are doomed to fail. Take my word for it and take precautions to help alleviate some of the common reasons for failure.
The 2nd most important part of your internet business (although it’s a very close 2nd for reasons you’ll soon understand) is the type internet connection you have your stock trading computer setup running. Before I tell you what to buy, let me tell you what to avoid. You want to avoid anything that isn’t connected through a hard line. Some guys will try to use a mobile signal because they want to be able to connect anywhere. Well if you read the last paragraph, you know that’s a bad idea at its core, but secondly mobile connection technology just isn’t reliable enough yet. Speed and reliability are the two most important factors that you should be looking at, and frankly- the mobile market just isn’t there. You should also avoid any type of public connection. No, your local library and the coffee shop (again) won’t work. Don’t worry though, now I’m going to tell you what you should buy. Fast DSL connections are ok, but not ideal. 2 megabits will work, but it might cause some data loss. That’s why I suggest finding a connection with 10 megabits or more and in this case more is better. You are in the business of data transfer. Being able to download and interpret vast amounts of information is important. Many cable operators and Verizon now have 50 megabit + lines and honestly they aren’t all that expensive. Go with this if you have the chance. You might spend around $70 a month, but what you’ll have in return is well worth the money.
The type of computer you use with your stock trading computer setup is very important. Some guys are minimalists, so I’ll give you the minimum specs that you should look for when you go to make your purchase. You need to find a processor that has 2.93 GHz or better, preferably an Intel i3 although AMD makes some decent products as well. You’re also going to need at least 4 GBs of RAM if you want your machine to run properly. Remember that you’re going to have lots of very heavy use programs running for long periods of time. Reliability is going to be a really key factor. Another important thing to consider is the number of monitors that you use. You should be using at least 4 monitors. This is going to make your trading experience much easier. You’ll deal with less data loss and you will be more efficient.
You can buy your stock trading computer setup at That’s really the only website that I’m going to recommend. These are the guys that everyone in the industry considers trust worth and reliable. Don’t try to save money or listen to the pitches of someone else. Call up these guys, tell them who you are and what you do and get them to build you the perfect computer for your business. It’s really that simple. Messing around with anything else is silly and pointless.
The purpose of this article was to help you understand what you need for your stock trading computer setup. It’s intended to be a guide and I hope it was helpful. As always, leave any questions that you may have in the comments and we’ll try to get to them as soon as possible!