Stock Trading with Your Multi-Monitor Computer

What’s this that’s been hitting the big screens about stock trading at home? It seems like more and more movies are talking about the guy in the big beach side condo who trades stocks for a living. Likewise, every single one of these guys has a big multi-monitor computer that he uses to do his job. It’s actually pretty cool to watch in action, especially if you’ve never seen one of these stock traders work before. And there are plenty of reasons that a day stock trader might use a multiple monitor computer. In this article, we’re going to discuss the various methods that traders use to make cash online with multi-monitor computers, both with stock trading and otherwise.
These days, just about anyone with a computer and enough money to open a stock trading account can has the ability to invest in the stock market. You don’t need a personal broker, and you don’t need a small fortune to get started. It’s become extremely accessible (thank you information age) but you should take trading serious if you intend to get started.
For those whom may be unaware, a share of stock is essentially a tiny piece of a corporation. So shareholders or people like you and me that buy stock are essentially partial owners of a company. The price of each share of stock varies based on a number of factors, such as how the company is doing financially, economic factors and even investors’ attitudes. When a company first starts selling stock they offer what’s known as an initial public offering (also referred to as an IPO)- we sometimes say that a company offering an IPO has gone public. When a company makes money it shares those proceeds with its stockholders by offering a dividend. A stock that often rewards its stockholders is sometimes referred to as an income stock, while companies that keep the money they’ve made to reinvest and grow their company are called growth stocks.
So now that you know the VERY basics of how the stock market actually works, let’s talk about online stock trading. A broker is the person or company that actually buys and sells stocks through a stock exchange. They normally will charge a fee known as a commission to do so. The broker must have a special license to allow them to trade through the exchange, which is why you must use them instead of just going direct to the exchange itself. They trade using multiple techniques including being on the trading floor itself, on the phone or through other electronic means.
A few examples of stock exchanges that you’ve probably heard of are The New York Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ market. Though these two are probably the best known, they both operate quite differently. The New York Stock Exchange is an auction style exchange, where buyers and sellers bid while on a trading floor. The NASDAQ on the other hand uses electronic means.
When you buy stock online you make an agreement with an online broker. You pay them a commission and they negotiate the stock trade for you. This is great because it gives you access in real time to whatever stocks you’d like to buy or sell. In the old days, if normal folks wanted to buy stocks they’d have to talk with an investment officer, now you can skip that process and purchase on a whim or based on other information you have. You can purchase very quickly, meaning if you know something is about grow rapidly, you can make the exchange without too much effort. Of course brokers are usually available to help you with your decisions should you need one too.
Stock trading shouldn’t be taken lightly. Most of the guys that do so make calculated buys based on a number of factors. It’s learning how to read these factors that make these guys experts at stock trading. They often use multi-monitor computers to help aide them in their purchases. Having a multiple monitor computer for stock trading is a huge asset. You can use each monitor to designate particular screens and help you make informed decisions. You’ll likely notice that each screen has a particular chart or graph that can help you decide what you want to buy or sell.
As mentioned before, trading online requires access to a broker and there are a number of good ones out there. Who you pick is really up to you, but here are a few tips to help you make a well informed decision. You need to determine how frequently you plan on trading. There are accounts that charge for account inactivity, so you definitely don’t want to use one of those for your stock trading if you plan on buying a stock and holding on to it. You also need to have a ballpark figure on how much you plan to invest. There is typically a minimum charge to open an account, but some brokerage firms don’t have minimums. If you’re extremely inexperienced, there are firms that will provide more help than others, however, be aware that you pay a premium for such a service.
Opening an account in the US is only slightly tricky. There are certain rules and regulations that a brokerage firm must follow to keep their license. You may be asked questions about your financial history before you’re allowed to open the account. This is so they can make sure you a fit to handle the type of
account you requested. And just like a bank their various types of accounts, such individual and join, custodial and retirement. They may have different tax standings for each. You can also choose between cash and margin accounts. Cash accounts rely on a funding source, such as checking account. While margin accounts are basically a line of credit. You can only borrow up to 50% of the price of the stock.
Hopefully this article helps to answer some of the questions that you may have about stock trading. If you’re looking for a stock trading computer, make sure you check out as they are the industry leaders for stock trading computers.