The Best Options for Digital Signage

If you want to make an impact with your digital display, then it’s going to take the right setup. While they vary pretty greatly in style and price, each setup does have its own advantage to take into consideration.   In this article we’re going to discuss the difference between screen setups and controllers and a little bit about how you can benefit from know the difference.

When it comes to large technology purchases, brand is important.  NEC is the hands down leader in digital signage technology. With their 82 inch large screen wall monitor, you can very literally see why!  This giant display is for corporate display and digital signage.  It brags high brightness to help overcome ambient lighting obstacles that might distract from the intended oject.  The contrast is quite remarkable at 2000:1 and using NEC’s TileMatrix technology allows for a video wall that can contain a stunning 27 foot display.    Along with TileMatrix is TileComp which aids in bezel and alignment- giving a seamless look and feel to your images.    To find this display you must go through an authorize NEC dealer such as  The cost on this monster comes in just under $50,000.













For those looking to spend less, a good solution might be the NEC 55” TIleMatrix video wall.  This wall offers an incredible easy to use, yet cost effective solution.  Because it uses TileMatrix technology, you can have 10×10 displays.  The copy function allows you to apply settings from one display to the others.  This is perfect for easy setup and use and can be a big advantage if you’re trying to setup in a hurry.   Another nice advantage to using NEC wall display products is the inclusion of the Tripp Lite IsoBar6 surge suppressor which includes a $50,000 insurance policy for the lifetime of the product.  If you are considering using the NEC 55” the cost is significantly less than some NEC products.  It rings in at $19,999 on

One of my favorite displays from NEC is the MultiSync P461 which is a 2x2x46” display.  There are a couple of features on this wall display that, in my opinion stand out.  First off, it’s an NEC which means quality.  As mentioned above they leaders in the field.  But I absolutely love that it’s a 2x2x46” display.  As far as ease of use goes, I think this model takes the cake.  Another pro for the NEC multisync is its tile matrix compatibility, which again makes it easy to use in a 10×10 display setup.  It also comes with the Digital Factory PerfectAlign mounting system.    Price wise, this on the lower end for NEC at only $12,995 from

Setting up a multiple monitor wall display for advertising isn’t difficult, and with the right products you can do so quite easily.  NEC makes the most reliable products and continues to lead the way in this market and one the best places to buy NEC wall monitor products is