The Efficiency of Using Multi Monitors

The Efficiency of Using Multi Monitors

Multi monitors are a configuration of different monitors networked and operated by one system. While there may be a few multi-monitor critics remaining, it has been proven in multiple studies to improve efficiency greatly.

People working in the digital era have a lot to cope up: daily battles between answering emails, checking files, monitoring new recruits’ performances; and the list goes on. Of course, everything’s in digital and can be checked using our trusty Internet connection. But let’s face it, checking all of these means lots of tabs, windows, and programs turned on that can become the reason why buffering, reading, and loading of pages and actions can take too long.

Having a second or third computer screen has become the latest trend in making multi tasking a breeze.

Using multi-monitors is not difficult at all to do. Installing additional monitors is also easy as long as you have a dual output AGP installed in your computer hardware. However, if you want to enjoy the benefits of using another monitor to help you out in your work, you want to make sure that you have enough RAM (memory), a good processor, and a graphics card powerful enough to handle multiple monitors. The additional desktop space you’ll gain with the extra monitor will do you little good if your computer is too slow to utilize the extra performance.

The first multi-monitor systems were used on Windows OS, and you used to have to install additional drivers. Back then the monitor used was CRT and the graphics card is attachable in the PCI bus. At present LCDs and LEDs are the common monitors used in offices. It presents higher resolution ability and comes a wide range of sizes (and shapes too for that matter.) In addition it is more cost efficient compared to other monitors. To support this type multi-screen computer, operating systems are now made compatible to such scheme. There’s no need to install additional drivers and such.

Tips on what makes multi monitoring efficient

For those who have used multi-monitors in their work, it’s definitely hard to let go of it. Let’s admit it, there are many benefits of using this scheme while working.

Over the past few years, before multiple monitor systems became so popular, work had become more stressful, especially as we shifted from one tab or window to the next. With multiple screens though, everything is easier. Here are three efficient tips on using multiple monitors.

  1. You can easily mix and match browsers, assigning specific tasks to each browser. Using multiple browsers can be taxing to your computer. Just imagine having multiple windows open—add up multiple tabs. Although it is useful to have two or more browser’s open, especially since each browser present a certain benefit the other hasn’t, our computers tend to crash or be laggy.  With multi-monitoring, this can be done easily. You can open one browser on one monitor and another on the second monitor.


  1. Dragging the mouse can actually be more fun. If you look at combining two monitors, and drag down your mouse from the left side of your left monitor going to the right, you’ll notice it can go till the very end of the right monitor. It’s as if you’re having one monitor with two. This gives you the convenience in navigating your system and easily shifting from one task to another. You’ll definitely have more fun with using your computer with this feature.


  1. Organizing your desktop is better with dual monitors. There are a lot of people who make “my documents” pages out of their desktops with clutter of folders and files, even with their multitude of applications. To have another monitor means you can easily sort out these applications according to usage or even how frequently it is being used. The monitors become an area on where these applications should be usually opened.

Why many prefer using multi monitors

Using multi monitors has become a cost efficient way to work faster. In recent studies conducted on office workers using multi monitors, it was founded that they work significantly more effectively. The studies indicating dramatic increases in productivity have persuaded many offices to consider switching over to multiple monitor computers for their employees—for those offices that haven’t, workers are already starting to demand for additional monitors as a condition to them signing up to work at their company.

At present integrating multiple monitors is surprisingly easy, this is even made easier thanks to the improved operating systems. This is even possible if you add another CPU to manage the second monitor. However,  this requires some networking know-how that might be a bit advanced for the average person.  You can also do this with a desktop and laptop or with two laptops.

There are other possible ways to match monitors for multi viewing usage. In games, it is advisable to have two different monitors with the same size and resolution for its 3D effects. Take note though that you have to be very particular with the AGP used. Since computer games already require a certain number of graphic sizes, imagine using two monitors for it. You need to think of what can further use the resolution the screen offers.

For those in offices, you can have fun with two or more monitors with different sizes. Certain computer companies use this; combining longer ones with shorter ones—larger scale with smaller scale. Even web developers do this as well. It is easier to do certain tasks with specific monitor sizes too. In addition having this kind of system is very beneficial in board meetings since projectors can be used as a different monitor. This way you can easily use your laptop and check other functions without messing up your presentation.

Whatever your field of expertise is, when it comes to working efficiency, multi monitors can really help out. This is the digital era and while life may have been made easier, our work has only gotten more intense. You need effective tools to make your productivity better than ever before. While smartphone presents itself as a better way to multi task outside your office, multi-monitors gives you a breath of fresh air. You can do all tasks at once, easily shift, and never worry about the computer hanging or crashing.