The Jerry-Tron Cowboys Mega HD Display

If you are a Dallas Cowboys fan, then chances are I don’t have to tell you about the new mega video screen that hangs from the ceiling at the Cowboys’ home stadium. It’s quite an amazing display and one of the first of it’s kind. We’ll get down to the gritty details

and specifications in a moment, but first let’s talk for a minute about the old displays that we’ve grown accustomed to inside of stadiums and arenas. It use to be that if you wanted a JumboTron display you had to go through Sony- they patented and trademarked the JumboTron in the early and mid 1980s. Not only that, but they used old cathode ray tube technology, or what we geeks call CRT. You probably had a CRT TV up until recently (or heck you might even still have one.) And if you know anything about CRT technology, you’ll know that it’s heavy and it doesn’t tend to last very long/well.

Over the last decade though we’ve had a few different technologies start to take over. They’ve made making custom giant screens less expensive and higher quality. And it should go without saying that the Cowboys have finally taken advantage of this awesome technology. The have the largest high definition TV world. In fact, just to put it in perspective, the Jerry-Tron is bigger than most houses. It’s even bigger than some large office buildings! It occupies a total of 11,520 square feet and measures about 160 feet by 72 feet, or for you non-Americans that’s 49 meters by 22 meters. But here’s what’s so cool about the Jerry-Tron: it’s complete HD and has a screen resolution of 1080p. That’s better than what a lot of people have in their home.

Of course having one of the largest TVs in the world doesn’t come without its own set of problems, especially if you’re the owner of the Dallas Cowboys. You see the rule for the NFL is that a JumboTron must hang at least 85 feet in the air. The Jerry-Tron meets this requirement by hanging at 90 feet in the air, but for some fans and critics alike that’s not good enough. They want it to be raised. The problem is that if it’s raised, the experts say it will render the massive display inoperable. So instead the NFL has agreed to make special rules for the sign. The deal is that if a ball strikes the Jerry-Tron then the ball will be ruled immediately dead. The replay assistant will be used if there is no ruling on the field. A coach’s challenge is allowed if it appears that no ruling will be made otherwise. The down is to be immediately replayed in this event. The clock will be reset to the time at which the snap occurs.

These jumbo screens, such as the Jerry-Tron at Cowboys’ Stadium make live sports significantly more exciting for the live audience. You get all of the advantages of watching the game at home, with all of the excitement of getting to see a live sport. It’s definitely the best of both worlds and I think that it’s safe to say that with their Jerry-Tron mega wall the Dallas Cowboys are leading the way. It’s both impressive and awe inspiring for everyone that has the privilege to go see a live game. Make no mistake, video walls and jumbo HD screens are the future of live entertainment, but the Dallas Cowboys are leading the way with their mega Jerry-Tron. It may dwarf all other mega HD screens, but I’m certain that there will soon be a screen that is even bigger that’s ready to compete.