The NEC 55” 2×2 LCD Display

The NEC 55” 2×2 LCD Display is the video wall solution for those looking for crystal clear images, ultra
fast response times and super easy to configure display.  It’s absolutely perfect for digital signage or information display.  It includes a command and control application that makes using the combined TileMaxtrix (think bezel) and TileComp technology a breeze.  And to top it all off the NEC X551UN has a nearly seamless video wall without additional equipment.

NEC 55” 2×2 LCD Display’s thermal protection is premium grand and it includes enhanced digital signage technology suite so that you can create video walls of up to 10 by 10 displays.  Also, there is a convenient copy function that allows you to apply all the settings from one display to all the others.  All while bragging one of the thinnest bezels in the industry (less than 5.5 mm between screens!)

The  NEC 55” 2×2 LCD Display video wall is brilliant because it’s easy to use, cost effective and is the best digital signage solution available.  NEC uses premium grade panel that provides for additional thermal protections. And because it has a copy function, it’s super easy to transfer settings from one screen to another, making setup extremely easy.

If you are shopping for a video wall setup, don’t overlook the NEC 55” 2×2 LCD Display.  NEC is a leader in digital signage and while you may pay a bit more, the quality you get is well worth the slightly higher price.  You can find this NEC product as well as many others offer at, where you’ll also be able to talk with professionals that will help you find the perfect digital signage or video wall solution, regardless of what your requirements may be.