SUPER PC | 4×4 HDMI Matrix Switcher | 4×1 Multiviewer | 2×2 Video Wall Controller | 3-in-1 Unit

The SUPER PC  3-in-1 console is a 4X4 HDMI Matrix Switcher, Quad Multi-viewer, and a 2X2 Video Wall controller all in one!

You can use it as a Matrix switcher to easily switch between 4 different input sources and send the signal to 1 or up to 4 displays. This is perfect for restaurant and bars, security systems, and  home theater. Because it is HDCP compliant, you will have no trouble watching your favorite Blu-Ray movies or connecting it to your Video game console.

With the Quad Multi-Viewer and picture-in-picture function, you can easily view four different input sources at the same time. You can easily catch all of the action in your favorite sporting events, stock trading news, or monitor all of your security cameras for your home or business.

The 2 X 2 Video Wall feature allows you to  combine all four displays into a 2X2 Video Wall that will be perfect for watching the big game, the latest movie, or playing your favorite video games.

If you were to purchase all of these controllers separately, it could cost you well over $5,000.00 dollars.  3-in-1 Console gives you all of the features for under $2,000.00!


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