Three Screens One Computer

Do you want three screens one computer?  You’ll find that because more and more people are working in home offices are looking for additional ways to increase revenue, while decreasing costs, the demand for a three screens one computer have been steadily increasing.  As soon a solution, people have found that moving to three screens one computer is a simple way they can accomplish the goals of increasing the amount of work they can do, while reducing the amount of waste.  Using multiple monitors allows you to stop clicking back and forth between programs and saves a lot of time and energy, therefore increase your profits.  Don’t think it would work for you?  You’re wrong!   There is no industry that cannot benefit from having three screens one computer..

How do you setup three screens one computer?  The ATI FirePro V4800 triple monitor support is one easy solution to the problem.  It allows you to hook up three monitors to one graphics card that only takes up 1 PC slot.  That means an additional two displays above your normal display, three screens one computer.  The ATI FirePro V4800 is quite reasonably priced to, at only $209.99 from, or from most other websites you can buy the ATI FirePro V4800 for $229.99.

Here’s some additional info on the ATI FirePro V4800:  It features 1 GB of memory (GDDR5), 400 stream cores, Full Shader Model  5.0 support, hardware tessellation support, ATI Eyefinity technology and PCI Express 2.0 compliant.  This particular card is known for its high performance 3D entry and supports dual link DVI and DisplayPort  connections.

So how difficult is it to install?  While it’s considered plug and play, it does take a little bit of know how to install any new hardware.   That being said, if you can follow simple instructions, then it shouldn’t be that difficult install.  Most people find that it’s pretty common sense, as it slides into one of your available PCI slots, and then run the CD that comes with the graphics card.  The next steps toward setting up your three monitors one computer should be pretty intuitive.  It’s really just a matter following the now on screen instructions that are basic in nature and should not create much of an issue for most people.

So now that you know what to buy, are you ready to set up three monitors one computer?  Good!  You will be ecstatic once you begin using your multiple monitor system.  You’ll find that the benefits of using this system will help excel your business to the next level, leaving your competitors in the dust.