TileMatrix is the Video Wall Solution

NEC has a long history of delivering first to market and best to market video solutions, from consumer monitors, all the way up to digital signage.   In fact, many consider them industry leaders.  They command the market and when it comes to large digital displays, there is no exception.  The TileMatrix is the large video wall solution for those that want to make a serious impress.  At a staggering 55” the 2×2 LCD Tilematrix is not to be ignored.


It’s easy to use and cost effective solution is perfect for a large digital sign or simply as an information display.  Tilemaxtrix uses patented technology to create an unbelievably narrow bezel that provides what some consider seamless wall.  The fact that you don’t need additional equipment to make it run is a huge advantage as well.

NEC uses premium quality parts, and for their video panels they use premium grade panels that have enhanced digital signage technology suite embedded.  This is a necessity if you’re going to use the monitors to max capacity (a full 10×10 wall display.)

What are a few perks to using the Tilematrix?  One of my favorites is the copy function.  This doesn’t sound so important, but it makes set up super easy.  Here’s how: it allows you apply the settings from one display to all over the other displays with the click of a button (or two) saving you a ton of time when you are setting up for the first time.  Another perk is the thin bezel that rivals the smallest in the industry- only 5.5 s2s (screen to screen) width.

Another perk of TIleMatrix is the ability to remote control the display via RS-232 connectivity which uses Naviset software and is DDC and CI standard.  This is extremely convenient for those wish setup remotely and test via proxy.  This feature is becoming more common, but still isn’t considered standard in an industry that changes on a routine basis.

Because NEC is top of the line the cost of their products tends to be a bit more expensive then some of their competitors, retailing at about $37,000. There are two things that you should keep in mind if you are considering the TileMatrix versus some of her competitors.  Number one- NEC is a top of the line company, and as such, they include an insurance program with their product, as well as top quality components.  You won’t find this with other providers.  The 2nd thing you should keep in mind is that many other competitors don’t sell an all in one solution.  Generally speaking you will end up buying both screens and screen controllers.  NEC simplifies this by making their system all inclusive.  Purchasing from a company like Multi-Monitors.com can help slash your bill as well, as they offer this product at a discount price of $33,000.  NEC’s Tilematrix really is the all in one solution because of its easy use, setup and execution.  If you want the best, use NEC’s TileMatrix.