Tips To Discover the Best Gaming Display

With hundreds of companies in the market producing thousands of models, the process of choosing one which is the best value for your money and has the best gaming display can

really get confusing, difficult and sometimes even tiring. Having a computer with high end graphics card (ATI and nVidia graphic cards have a minimum of 1GB of RAM), sound card (5.1 or 7.1 channels of sound so that you can hear the slightest of sounds), RAM is not enough, because it is actually the monitor which makes you have the real time experience. Thus it can be concluded that a good gaming display is only complemented by good system configuration and monitor is the core.

Two common types of monitors are CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) being the old technology and LCD (liquid Crystal Display) which is the latest. Some of the advantages of LCD over CRT are its low power consumption,   light weight and less harm to eyes. A choice of LCD, considering all these factors can make your experience of gaming display better than the rest.

When choosing an LCD display one should look for native resolution i.e., the designed resolution for which the best gaming display is obtained. It depends on size and it is 1024×768 for 17 inch, 1280×1024 for 19 inch and 1600×1200 for 20 inch display. The next thing one should pay attention to is the viewing angle i.e., the angle up to which the display on the screen does not look distorted. This is generally exaggerated by the manufacturers and one should be careful while checking it.

The most important feature for the best gaming display is the response rate which prevents ghosting. Modern games are very fast-paced and one should not buy a monitor with a response rate of less than 8ms. A good study of these factors while purchasing can make your gaming experience outstanding.