Touch Screen Monitors – A Revolution

A computer device which is touch sensitive and performs both the functions of display unit as well as input devices is known as a touch screen monitor. It has been popularized in recent years and can be observed in ATMs, airports, malls and fast food joints.  The

technology of touch screen monitors had been developed since 1970 but has become popular in the last few years because they save space and have low maintenance requirements. Touch screen monitors can easily be used for information cabins and bank ATMs. Touch screen monitors can also be used as attached panels on regular monitors of the computers.

The functioning of touch screen monitors depend on three components; software drivers, touch sensors and controllers. The touch sensation is transcribed by the Software drivers into commands and converses with the operating system of the computer it is installed on. The touch sensors are connected with the PC through a PC card known as Controllers. Touch screen monitor is a small device that interprets the information from the touch sensors to the PC in its compatible terms.

Several touch screen technologies are used in manufacturing touch screen monitors like capacitive, resistive or sensory technology of surface waves. Many advanced principles of physics are used to develop these technologies that are used in touch screen monitors, which had simplified the communication to a great extent. Their attractive interface and user friendly operation has made touch screen monitors primly chosen for information desks, games or training purposes.