Trading PCs

Either trading pcs or trading workstations, you may prepare it from normal configuration of your PC.  The software which you are going to run on trading pcs will primarily be

charting/analysis, market news, and execution order systems so obviously you want the best specification for trading workstations which you can get for your valuable money. However, this will be going to be centre of your new trading business, so keep trading PC clean and never try to use it for chain of email attachments, downloading movies, playing games, jokes, surfing porn etc. The last thing which you don’t want is any downloaded program crashing your PC or Trojan and malware stealing your trading account password in middle of any trading process. A trader’s trading workstations has to be powerful, fast, quiet and most importantly, stable and reliable. Any downtime can be very costly, especially so if there are open positions which cannot be monitored due to a computer system crash. With low cost of modern desktop computers, it does not make sense to save a few bucks but compromise on quality of components.

The key word stability has to keep monitoring when you have to choose processor. It means you don’t have to choose from over clocked processor which will only introduce heat and instability issues into your system. Any of present generation of processors as the i7, Core 2 series of Intel, and AMD Phenom processors is more capable of handling even the most challenging of trading applications. So get much money for your budget for your memory as your budget allows for your trading pcs.