Triple Monitor Desktop

Triple Monitor Desktop

For the modern office worker of nearly any field, using a multiple monitor computer has become a necessity.  In fact, most offices have gone from using a dual monitor computer to using a triple monitor computer.  The result has been an increase in productivity among office workers across the board, with profits soaring and people better able to perform

unique functions at their jobs.  It’s been a great move in most industry.  This trend seems to have stemmed from the day trading stock industry, as well as the FOREX market, where multiple screens are needed to process large amounts of information very quickly.  However, the trend didn’t stop there.  Even the average secretary has found a way to use a triple monitor desktop to improve her work function.  It’s going to be a plus for any company.

So what other types of companies are using multiple monitor technology?  Well, there are quite a few, such as engineers, scientists, analysts and consultants.  They all have found that by using multiple monitor computers, especially triple monitor desktops, that they are able to better serve the needs of their clients.  I even saw a dentist that was using a triple monitor desktop to show his clients their problem areas on a digital x-ray, and then compare that to another x-ray that didn’t have the same problems.

So what are the best features of a triple monitor desktop?  Well the ability to leave open pertinent programs so that there is less switching back and forth is definitely a huge perk.  Most people don’t realize just how much time is actually wasted doing this on a daily basis.  There’s no need to switch back forth between programs now.  You can have everything that you need open.   This means that less time is wasted, which is a huge perk.

The other day, I was visiting a college in a neighboring community and I was astonished to see that they had set up a triple monitor desktop to help with their teaching.  I was pleased when I got a minute as I was able to go in and talk to the professor that had set it up.  He said that he had been using multiple monitor technology for quite some time now and explained to me that it had many advantages to using a single monitor computer.  For example, he is able to use one monitor to show a pie chart, and a 3D graph on the other, all while using the third to run his power point presentation.  He seemed very satisfied with himself.  He was overall very happy and pleased.

A few days later I was traveling to a known day trader’s place for a business lunch.  Again, I noticed that he had a similar triple monitor setup in his office.  It was quite astonishing how he said he was able to gain profits simply because he was more productive and had less waste, since he started using the triple monitors.  I asked him where he purchased the computer from and he said that he purchased it from a company called  He said that he was very impressed with the overall service and quality that he had received from and that he would definitely purchase form them again.  I found this all very fascinating.  He seemed like a good guy.

So, after hearing the testimonies from these guys, I convinced the IT guys that it was time to do some upgrades to our systems.  We were able to get 7 triple screen computers for our office.  That was over 6 months ago.  Now we are seeing some fantastic results.  The overall first impressions from everyone that looks at the budget is that the purchase of the triple monitor desktop was a good purchase, and that in the long run it will benefit the company.  We are now, also, believers and multiple monitor technology and I guarantee that if you try it, you will be too!