UltraMon: A Smart Multi-Monitor Utility

UltraMon:  A Smart Multi-Monitor Utility

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The presentation of particular projects affects the perception and the outcome of that project. In large business settings, there is a need to display large amounts of data on the screen all at the same time. This often leads to a messy situation in which too much data is present in a very tight space, or some of the important data has to be minimized in order to deal with the other pieces of data. This results in a reduction of efficiency and creates a hindrance. The solution to that is to purchase UltraMon. UltraMon is multi-monitor software that can help you spread your data over a number of monitors. The main difference between UltraMon and similar applications is the sheer increase in performance that the unique software provides. UltraMon provides multi-tasking for upwards of ten monitors. There are many other unique and powerful features related to UltraMon that need to be mentioned.

Superior Window Management

UltraMon takes window management to a whole new level, and it has added comfort to the technological advancement. When you install the UltraMon software for your office, you will see that additional buttons will appear in the title bar of the window. This will help you navigate your window through the different monitors that you may be operating. You can send the window to a specific monitor. You can drag the window though the monitors by simply dragging like it were a single screen. You can also maximize it on all screens. This helps when the file is large in size like a spread sheet.

Efficient Taskbar

The UltraMon software embeds a useful function is the software that results in a more efficient task bar that can be used to manipulate each of the application windows in the most efficient way possible. There are two types of taskbar options that are available. The first is the standard task bar that allows for the handling of only those applications that are currently running on the screen. The second option is the “mirror” task bar. This task bar holds the applications of all the monitors, and it allows for easy handling of the application on the monitor.

Easy Shortcuts

UltraMon introduces smart and easy-to-use shortcuts for the frequent user. This allows easy interaction of the user with the software, giving the most useful outcome. When you right click, you also see the options that will allow you to open a specific program in a specific monitor. However, if you choose to do this more professionally, then you also have the choice to choose a specific window for a specific software every time you open it. This lets you customize the way your monitors operate and gives you more control of your presentation.

Display Profiles

UltraMon allows the user to create and store multiple display profiles that help you better maintain the outlook of the monitors and the display settings of your presentation. You have the control to choose the setting of the monitor from your master monitor, who gives you a string grasp over your presentation and business meeting. You can adjust the resolution, the wallpaper, the theme, and the wallpaper of any monitor by just a few clicks from the master monitor.

Desktop Wallpaper

Presenting is the art of giving data and information in a structured form that appeals as a beautiful piece of art to the listener. This fact has been well understood by the professionals at UltraMon. This software gives you more control over the outlook and the aesthetics of your presentation by adding this special wallpaper feature. You can choose stretched landscape wallpaper and choose to spread it across all of the monitors in a row. This gives the presentation a feeling of coherent action which leaves a beneficial effect.

Screen Savers

Often in a presentation with a multi-monitor setup, an embarrassing situation can be faced when one of the monitors turns blank or starts displaying a screen saver while all the other monitors are on or the situation where all the monitors are blank but there is a monitor in an awkward position that is still on. This awkward situation can easily be avoided by using UltraMon. The screen saver feature of the software allows the user to connect the screen savers of multiple monitors so that all the monitors turn off and turn on at the same time accounting for visual pleasure.

Monitor Mirroring

Mirroring, also called cloning, is a very important and useful feature offered by UltraMon. It is the process when the contents of a single monitor are copied on to one or more than one monitors and shown.  This may seem useless at first, but it carries a lot of applications in the real world. Cloning may be used when a presentation is being given to a huge audience where one screen is with the presenter while a second giant screen is with the audience. It can also be used during a meeting when a person in charge of the meeting is displaying a piece of information to all the persons with a monitor or while giving a tutorial to a class of students with their own screens.

Open Source Scripting

The UltraMon is a very useful and powerful application yet it is still open source for all the users, making it one of the best applications out there in the market. You can easily edit the source code to include more features that you think improve the overall usage quality of the application.

Other Value-Added Features

The list of the powerful features of UltraMon does not end here. UltraMon carries a huge range of features that easily make it one of the best, if not the best, multi-monitor utility available. You have the choice to restore the previous arrangements of the icons, disable and enable secondary monitors, and change the primary monitor with just a simple click.