Use Multiple Monitors – Make Your Business Soar!

If you’re just discovering how those that use multiple monitors have grown their business, then simply put, you are behind the times. Around 2005 or 2006 a boom took place in the computer industry. As more and more people started to discover that they could trade stocks or run websites from home, more people started
figuring out that they could use multiple monitors to help grow their business. The trend caught on and few companies built their entire structure around helping other businesses set up and use multiple monitors. So it’s no surprise that there is really one industry leader in the multiple monitor field,
If you’d like to learn how to use multiple monitors, then consider giving the guys over at a buzz. They can truly help you setup your multiple monitor computer system to the exact specs that you need for your business. So what do you need to setup a multi-monitor system? Well most people that use multiple monitors choose between using an Intel i3, i5 or i7. Obviously, the more monitors that you intend to use, the more powerful you’ll probably want your processor to be. When picking your memory, you should consider getting at least 2 gigabytes of RAM, but of course, 4 would be better.
When it comes to video cards, one of my favorites is the ATI Firepro V5800 DVI professional graphics card. This is the ideal card for professionals that need very high resolution. It’s the perfect card for financial guys, as well as medical imaging and CAD guys. It has the power to view and interact with data from multiple applications, animated scenes and view models or scans- all simultaneously. It’s a great card that cost around $500 (a little less at It’s the perfect card if you want to use multiple monitors.
If that’s a little out of your budget, don’t worry. You can also use multiple monitors with the Matrox M9120 Plus LP PCIex16 low profile graphics card. This card is awesome, as it supports up to four analog outputs. Each output will display resolutions of up to 1920×1200 (on digital settings) or 2048×1536 on analog monitors. This is a good video card that will allow you to use multiple monitors as well.
Professions use multiple monitors, period. There is a clear and conspicuous reason why: they want to get more done. Multi-tasking is such an important part of being a productive person, and by using multiple monitor computers, you’ll find that you are more productive. When I first started using multiple monitors I was amazed at the ease at which I was able to do more things at once. Just having the extra screen real estate made such a huge difference for me. I’ve been so impressed, that I decided to write about. Here’s the thing though, it’s not just me that likes to use multiple monitors, it’s a combination of a lot of different types of people and businesses that all enjoy the magnificent benefits of having multiple screens to work with each day. We all enjoy the fact that we don’t have to search through windows to find the one application that we were trying to open to begin with. It’s a huge time saver and huge help.
My good friend, Ned, that does stock trading or day trading for a living was one of the first guys that I knew that began to use multiple monitors. He had too. Apparently, when it comes to trading stocks, sometimes you have only seconds to act. If you are wasting time trying to find the right chart or right program, then you could miss out on a huge trade and the result could be a loss of thousands of dollars. Nobody wants that. Ned was telling me just how frustrated he was before he started using multiple monitor computers. He lost out on thousands of dollars because he wasn’t able to act quickly enough. This was a direct reaction to the fact that he only had one screen to work with. He stresses the importance of being able to use multiple monitors to complete his work.
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