Using the iVu9s to Setup Your Video Wall


If you are looking for the least expensive and easiest way to setup an electronic billboard, medical imagery review station or satellite imagery review, the iVu9s is the answer.  The iVu9s is a super high resolution video controller that has the capability to run up to 9 screens.  It can manage up to 8 megapixels and has up to 1920 x1200 image scaling function.    This makes it perfect for those who need high resolution graphics cast across multiple screens.

Some of the most popular uses include medical image review, and government satellite image.  Those interested in billboard displays have also found that the iVu9s is a great tool for their trade as well.  As mentioned before, the iVu9s can support up to 9 screens at once, but what really makes this controller special is that it can handle really high quality graphics across all 9 of those screens.  At a resolution of up to 1920×1200, the iVu9s is one of the best in its class.

Convenient cabling is a breeze with iVu9s because of the all of the inputs being located in the rear, but it also has a great OSD keypad on the front.  This enables the user of the iVu9s to conveniently be able to control the easy to use interface.  Like other video controllers, the iVu9s is capable of driving both LCD and DLP screens.  However, unlike many of its competitors, it is also able to drive video wall cubes and projectors as well.  This means it has the flexibility to run a number of different applications- making it the perfect 9 screen controller.

Many of the iVu9s users have said that the fact that you can hook up in a variety of configurations is extremely helpful.  For example, the iVu9s can operate in 3 x 3, 2×3 and 3×2 mode.  This gives you the flexibility to setup your video wall in the best way you see fit.  And with the controller access pad, it’s super easy to configure and to use.  As a side note, for those interested in using the iVu9s in clone mode (also referred to as 1×1), it is capable of this as well.

Another cool feature of the iVu9s is the bezel mask, sometimes referred to as screen border adjustment.  This function is important because it will help you avoid items not lining up correctly.  This is especially important for high resolution imagery, such as in the medical field or large satellite displays.    The staggered look is typical on LCD and plasma displays.

In addition, the iVu9s has RS-232 communication- this means that the controller can be controlled remotely via your laptop or desktop computer.  This includes the ability to control additional and multiple units for larger screen configurations.  You can achieve this by using dual channel graphics cards in one computer and then connecting multiple iVu9’s.  It should go without saying, but you can mix and match all iVu9 units.  This gives you the ability to have up to 16×16 video wall/multi-screens.

So how much does the IVu9s cost?  The suggested retail price is $3299, however, the some retailers, such as have this item listed for just under $2700.  If you’re looking for the most economical way to hook up a 9 screen video, the iVu9s is a good choice. It’s a solid controller with a good history of use.  The fact that it is expandable to up to 16×16 with multi-card support makes it a top choice for advertisers, medical industry personnel and military alike.