Video Wall Controller

A video wall controller allows you to hook up multiple screens to one device and drive those screens for a multitude of purposes. There are a variety of reasons people might need to use a video wall controller, including those in medical industry and those in advertising. In this article we’re going to discuss a

ATI Multiple Monitors Flight Simulator Video Wall Display
ATI Multiple Monitors Flight Simulator Video Wall Display
few popular video wall controllers and their common purpose: how they are used in a professional setting.
One type of video wall controller seems to be mentioned over and over again- the iVu9 Pro (which is exclusively sold through This video wall controller is a super slick solution for your video wall because of both cost facts and in terms of functionality. It offers an ultra high resolution video output of 8 megapixels and doesn’t have image loss issues, even with the ultra high resolution. Likewise on cost, a 64 or 84 inch monitor can cost upwards of $50,000- too much for many budgets. Because the iVu9pro allows 3×3 screens you can create the exact same effect for a mere fraction of the cost.
The iVu9Pro is the perfect video wall controller, regardless of the application that you plan on using it for. Many in the medical field use the iVu4Pro to set up viewing stations for medical imaging, but there is also a high demand for this controller in the advertising industry, where video display walls have become the norm for indoor, outdoor and trade show advertising. This is a super slick way to display your product or brand, regardless of what venue you are in.
A few other features that I really like about the iVu9pro are the fact that it allows pixel to pixel mapping without any resolution loss. This means that there is no resolution loss through the pixel to pixel mapping function. It also has a fan-less design feature, so that it can be applied to any implementation. But probably the best thing about the iVu9pro is that it can operate any number of configurations including 3×2 or 3×3, for a total of 9 possible monitors. That includes DVI Dual-Link and DVI-D outputs for up to 9 monitors. Another nice feature of the iVu9pro is that it has an OSD keypad right on the front which makes setting up your monitors easy to do. It also makes configuring them a breeze, which can’t be said for many other video wall controllers.
So where you can you buy the iVu9pro? Well, if you live in the United States, the only place that currently sells this model is But have no fear; they are an excellent source for multiple monitor computer products. In fact, they are leaders in the field. They can help you design and setup the perfect multiple monitor computer system for any application, including those mentioned above such as digital signage for advertising, or for a medical imaging environment. Those that have checked out have not been disappointed and almost always end up recommending them to their friends and colleagues.