Video Wall Displays

If your imagination of the power of a video wall display is only limited to a corporate board room, sporting event mega screen or security control center, then you’re really only seeing half of the picture.
It’s true that video wall displays are some of the most common at these places. You often see video wall displays in public places, used to advertise a product or service in an ultra noticeable manner- and hey nothing says, “HEY, LOOK AT ME!” like a 84 inch mega-screen. Of course, if ask those familiar with New York City about mega-screen video wall displays, they’ll probably laugh, as these have been highlighting current affairs in Times Square for decades. Using these large and colorful video wall displays in busy public areas increases the chance that someone will actually take notice. They are very good at what they do too- it’s hard to miss, even if you were trying to do so.
The idea behind the video wall display is part of a larger common advertising strategy. Large media conglomerates will often put up the cash behind the technology, while advertisers flock to get their message plastered across the screen. Part of the reason for this is the psychological reaction to seeing a message or product plastered high above the ground on a screen in bright glowing colors.
So how do you put together a video wall display? Well one common method includes using multiple LCD screens that are controlled by the Super PC iVu9pro ultra high resolution video controller. What’s great about this device is that it can maintain an 8 megapixel input to 8 megapixel output data flow without any image loss. That means your images stay ultra sharp and you don’t end up with a “dumbed down” image just because you went large with it. Some of other cool key features of the iVu9pro is that it is super easy to control because it has an OSD keypad located on the front, and all the inputs and outputs are located on the rear- making cabling super easy. It can drive nearly any type of popular screen, such as an LCD or DLP, or video wall cubes or rear projection screen. This makes it perfect for a variety of applications. For large displays, like an 84 inch display for example, it is significantly cheaper to go the the iVu9pro video controller box, than some of the other options available, which I will touch on next. You can only find the iVu9pro at
Another option, if you don’t mind spending quite a bit more, is something like the NEC 82 inch Large screen LCD all monitor. It’s already setup in landscape orientation and delivers a big image in a mega big way. This is a truly professional-grade monitor that will blow away those who have the pleasure to see it. The size alone will capture the attention of everyone that sees it. The high definition resolution of this screen will take your breath away. It also offer ultra fast response times, meaning no lag. The high brightness means that ambient light won’t become an obstacle for your presentation. If you can afford the price, this is a high quality video wall display solution.
While there may be other video wall display solutions, it’s important to remember that not all video wall displays rank equally. I’ve listed some of the better options above. If you’re unsure about the best option for your company or business, make sure you check out and talk with their staff of trained professionals. They have the experience to help you select the best components for whatever your business need may be, because they’ve been around since 2006, and have grown up with large screen video wall technology.