Video Wall System Means More Business

A video wall system for your business may be just what you need. A video wall system is essentially multiple computer monitors that are set up as one contiguous unit, where the screens essentially over lap so that you have one solid unit. The typical video wall system consists of LCD panels, LED panels, rear
projection screens, or DLP tiles. The cool thing about video wall systems is that they create quite an astonishing presentation for a multitude of purposes.
The screens that are commonly being used these days for videos wall systems are designed specifically to have an ultra small bezel. A bezel is the gap between the actual screens, or the active display area. The ultra small bezel in your video wall system creates the illusion that the user is actually looking at one giant screen. It’s a cool effect that can be used to create a monstrosity of a screen using multiple smaller monitors, which in the end will be significantly less expensive than using large monitors.
There are a lot of different groups that currently use video wall systems and they do so for a variety of reasons. One of the top uses of video wall systems is digital advertising, which is becoming increasingly popular for a number of reasons. Using a video wall system, you can create a digital wall display the size of a bill board that you can update as needed with various advertising messages that change depending on who may be viewing them at the current time. This is one of the reasons why this use of the video wall system is so popular. If you own a high traffic area, it’s easy to sell advertising space to a variety of merchants because you are seen as cutting edge.
Another popular use for a video wall system is the trade show operator. If you’ve ever been to a trade show, or conference, then you know precisely how important it is to be able to grab the attention of a potential new client in a matter of seconds. And with so much going on during a trade show, it’s important to be able to grab your target audience’s attention in a second so that you can present you real message to them one on one. Using a video wall system will allow you do just that. This is probably why they have become so popular over the years. They are an easy way to grab the attention of prospective clients and turn them into actual clients.
So how can you setup a video wall system you ask? Well actually it’s not as hard as you might think, especially if you use hardware recommended in this article. Of course, there is always more than one way to skin a cat, but this article is going to show the simplest and most cost effective way to do so. There is a standalone video controller box that is currently only available at that will allow you to hook up as many as 9 units and it does this without data loss and without image loss. So essentially you’re talking about a unit that will allow you to setup your video wall system with ease. The video wall system controller that I’m talking about is the Super PC iVu9 Pro. This is one heck of a system that will allow you to set up a really awesome video well, and it will allow you to do so very quickly.
The cool thing about the video wall system control Super PC iVu9 Pro is that it is able to maintain 8 megapixels input into 8 megapixels output without any image loss. If you’ve put together any other video wall systems then you already know that this is pretty good for large screen systems. And the thing that I like about the Super PC iVu9pro is that it has the ability to connect up to 9 screens. Another thing I like is that those screens can be nearly any type of screen: LED, LCD, DLP or projection screen. That means that you don’t have to use $50,000 monitors from NEC (although technically you could) to achieve fantastic results with your video wall system. Oh, and did I mention that you’re going to save a small fortune going this route with your video wall system (versus some of the more expensive alternatives that are out there. So you’re probably wondering what the iVu9 Pro from Super PC will cost you. Currently the only retailer carrying the iVu9Pro is You can order direct from these guys for $2995 and you’ll be ready to go within a few days, as they typically ship very quickly and get their products out fast.
If you still have questions about what you should be ordering, or need help putting together the rest of your system then your best bet is to give the guys over at a call as they’ve been helping companies put together custom video wall systems for years. And the cool thing is that they can help you regardless of their budget. They work with everyone, from Mom and Pop stores all the way up to the US Navy (which I think speaks volumes of their reliability.) In fact, these are the same guys that have been doing this since 2006 and they’re only getting better at what they do. I started buying all my most recent computer systems from after they came highly recommended to me and I’ve been very pleased with the results, so I’m doing the same thing for you guys. If you’re looking for a custom system, check these guys out.
Well hopefully this answered some of your questions about video wall systems. You now know how they work, and where you can get the best deal on one. Hopefully you’ll be able to use this information to create the perfect custom video wall system for your business and you’re business will flourish.