Video Walls in Hotels

Hotels around the globe are known for their extraordinary features that lure guests in to make them feel particularly significant while staying away from home.  One new trend is the emergence of giant video walls in the rooms, the lobbies and elsewhere.  These video walls create that extra feel of extravagance while the visitor is visiting.  And it really doesn’t matter where you go.  It use to be that only hotels in the biggest cities, like LA, New York, Las Vegas and more had such extravagant features, but not any more.  These days it’s hotels everywhere from east coast to west in the United States, as well as all over the globe.  Check it out some of my favorite below:

Check this out, it’s one of the coolest uses of video walls I’ve seen, this is the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas.  They use these stunning video walls to entertain guests while they wait to check in or check out.  The cool thing about this video wall is that doesn’t actually look like a video wall unless you pay close attention.  Then you might notice that images aren’t painted on, but rather are moving in a sequence.

Just down the street at the MGM grand you find this video wall behind the reception
desk.  It has a big Twitter logo on it and streams Twitter feeds 24/7.  This is an awesome video wall too, and grabs guests’ attention as they wait to find out about various concierges perks or if you’re just waiting to check in or check out.  If you’ve ever been to the MGM Grand, then you already know that there is usually a line.

Kiosks like this liter Las Vegas with information about everything from dinner,
shows, tours and more.  At Hotel Paris, these signs help guide you through this monstrosity of a hotel.  But you know, frequency isn’t that important.  What is important is the fact that they add to the overall beautiful atmosphere of Las Vegas.

Located inside the Hard Rock Hotel Punta Cana is Oro Nightclub, one of the coolest clubs around.  But one of the things that I find so impressive about this club is the video screen that can be found all around the dance floor, the walls, behind the bar and more.  They really add to the
atmosphere and make the club feel like a one of kind special experience.  These giant LEDs show off Tron like images and really make the club feel futuristic.

At the Banshan Hotel in China, check out these giant window like video walls that give the room a bit of artificial sunlight, add to the rooms elegance and really show what a little creativity and a few LED monitors can do.

Check out this video wall in the St. Louis Hilton, which is located right next to Cardinals stadium.  Fans can watch up to 4 games at once with the ultimate 4 monitors TV, or they can take advantage of the ultra small bezel that creates one giant 92-inch screen.  Either way, you’re bound to be impressed.

This video wall has got to be one of my absolute favorites.  It’s located at the Hotel de Luxe, which was designed as a tribute to quote, “Golden Era Hollywood.”  The cool thing though is that in the lobby they have this massive video wall display golden era images, some of my favorites like Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire.  You really have to admire the charm of this place.

The MGM Grande is known for its boxing matches and now its MMA fights, and that’s why you’ll find advertisements on these giant mega video walls behind nearly every help desk in the place.  They spend months promoting what sometimes turns into really awesome fights.

Inside the lobby at the W Hotel in San Diego California, you’ll find this massively tall video wall decorating the lobby.  It’s a quite a sight.  The W Hotel is known for its cosmopolitan contemporary feel and the video wall fits in perfect with this style.  Just check out how massive this wall is and imagine how small guests must feel when they stand underneath it.

The Starwood Hotel chain is pretty well known. 
This is inside the lobby of the Aloft Baltimore Washington airport branch.  This is a very class and contemporary chain that is well known for its style and elegance.

This is a large-scale video wall that was created exclusively by Robert Taussig for a fashion show inside of the Claridges Hotel in London England.  This particular screen was found inside the Ball Room and took up almost an entire wall.

Even though this isn’t exactly a huge video wall I thought it was really cool and wanted to include it in this photo journal.  This is at Disneyland in California in a suite known as big thunder.  If you look closely, there is a video wall above the fireplace that displays art when not being used, and then is converted into a TV for the latest news, sports or entertainment.  The whole room really is beautifully done, but I love the way they incorporated this video wall.
Check out these video walls located at the Hotel Sax in Chicago, IL.  They partnered with Microsoft to provide conferencing facilities along with entertainment too.  Definitely a cool hotel and the video capabilities are really neat too.

Hotel Grange, St. Pauls has notable video walls at every turn.  I’ve included a couple of my favorite, including the towering screens that sit about one of the hotel’s dining areas.  Not shown is a 103-inch screen that sits in the Royal Presidential suite.

At the Crown Plaza in the Chicago area, visitors are greeted by two monster displays as they walk through the door.  On either side of he door you’ll find 9 monitors that tower a little over 9-feet.  It’s a heck of a way to be greeted as you make your way
into their lobby.

The Renaissance Mumbai Convention Center Hotel, located in Mumbai, features the “Media Wall” which is a great way to break away from meetings and conferences and catch up on news, a game or listen to music.  This hotel is owned by Marriot and features some very modern offerings, including the Media Wall.

As you can see, many hotels are now featuring the latest and greatest in videos walls to help dazzle their guest and encourage new guest to take in their accommodations.  As video technology becomes more affordable the likely hood that more hotels are going to have massive video wall displays becomes increasingly likely.  They are a great way to draw a crowd and even keep a crowd entertained while they take care of mundane tasks like checking into their hotel room or waiting in line to buy tickets to the latest show.  They’ve become a centerpiece for hotel lobbies too because they give the hotel owners the opportunity to show off the latest and greatest promotions all while entertaining new and arriving guests.  It’s not rocket science, video walls are the wave of the future and hotels are going to continue to ride that wave.