Wall Displays

With the advancement in display technologies, wall displays have been getting unprecedented popularity. This growth has been further compounded with many new areas of wall display applications coming in place. Entertainment, Monitoring and


Surveillance are the three biggest sectors that are consuming most number of displays that are sold each year. Gaming industry too is fuelling the demand for high end displays. Going by the current tend the growth in the production of displays is going to witness a further increase in near future.

Depending upon the technology being used wall displays can be put under different categories. Some of them are the 7th generation Display walls, LED display walls, LCD Display walls, HD LCD Display walls, big size LCD monitors, along with others. The 7the generation display walls uses the latest technologies that have been developed to provide a high degree of picture clarity that is yet not available with other commonly available wall display technologies. However, a far more common display wall is the LCD wall display. For medium and small usages this type of systems are a perfect answer. These can operate for long hours and the picture quality is of superior quality. These are generally used in control centers to keep a tab on monitor processes.

LED wall displays are also very popular. Apart from good picture quality, one of the reasons of their popularity is that they consume far less power as their LCD counterparts. HD LCD Display walls, and big size LCD monitors are a perfect answer for home theatre requirements and  gaming. These come with different mount options that include fixed mount as well as control amount.