What are Super Computers and What are They Used For?

What are super computers and what are they used for?

You may think that you have a fast computer, but in reality you only have a fast consumer computer. While your computer can most likely perform all tasks that you need, a super computer can perform so many more tasks.


Since a super computer can perform so many tasks, it is used for a variety of things. So, just what are super computers and what are they used for?

Super computers are just like a normal computer that you would have at your house, except that it is a lot bigger and much more powerful. Unlike household computers, super computers will usually not have a flat screen monitor attached to it. This is because it takes up memory and reduces the amount of work the super computer can do. Super computers can be over six feet tall and span in width almost five feet. They are very large!

So, what are super computers used for? Most super computers are used to perform mathematical calculations. Pharmaceutical companies have started using super computers a lot to verify a calculation they have done for a new drug. Other companies use super computers as server farms for very intensive websites. These super computers have been known to perform millions of tasks every second, which really is amazing.

While super computers are fascinating the way they are right now, scientists are always looking for ways to make them better. The main problem that scientists have run into when they are building super computers is how to use less energy. The reason that scientists do not like using a lot of energy when it comes to super computers is because energy is usually in the form of heat. And when a super computer uses a lot of energy, it gets hot, which means that is needs to be cooled. Cooling super computers is the largest cost associated with them. It can cost a few million dollars every year just to supply enough energy to a super computer and keep it cool. This is a lot of money and the reason that you will not see a super computer in a household.

Now that you know what super computers are, you should realize that they just are not practical in a normal household. However, they are very useful when it comes to mathematical equations that need to be solved in a short amount of time. When scientists figure out a way for a super computer to not use as much energy, they will become even more valuable. The only reason that many people do not have super computers in their house is because of their large size and because of all the energy that they consume. These two factors will likely be solved over time and then maybe the vast majority of people will have a super computer. These computers are really powerful and could help a lot of people be more productive if they became a more affordable option.