What is the Best Game for Multiple Monitors?

Game lovers can almost all agree (a rare feat in and of itself) that that the 2005 game that was available on OSX, Windows and Linux, X2 – The Threat, is one of the coolest games
to play using multiple screens.  It was designed to play extremely smooth with the use of multiple monitors and as such it’s was and still is a popular game for gamers that like to create realistic 3 or more screen environments with their computer.  So in the spirit of this game we’re going to talk about the game play as well as how it works with multiple monitor computers and why having multiple screens will make it a better, more fun experience.

First and foremost, let’s discuss what X2: The Threat is- it is a space trading and combat simulator.  The general strategy for space trading and combat simulator games is to start the player out with an old, outdated ship and allow the layer to work his way up through the ranks improving status, power and ability.    If you like old school RPGs (role playing games) then you’ll likely like the style of space trading and combat simulators.  The same general rules tend to apply and you’ll probably enjoy abilities that you gain along the way.

X2: The Threat is set in the fictional space universe of X-Universe.  The updated graphics engine used in X2 has expanded the universe from previous games and included many new missions and over 60 new spaceships that you’ll be able to fly as you improve your rank and grow your strategy.  With X2, you can expect a much more clearstory, as opposed to previous games that are played out in the X-Universe.  In fact, the main enemy that you’ll be fighting in X2 is a race of aliens referred to as Khaak.  This particular enemy is known for their aggressive tactics and is a great nemesis.

When the X2: The Threat was originally released, critics were quite receptive.  The cons were similar to those of previous X-Universe space trading and combat simulators: it takes forever to learn some of the intricate details that you need to know to be good at the game and it can, at times, be slow paced.  For those willing to wade through thick story lines and learn the details though, the game provides a rewarding opportunity to play an in deth STACS.

The basics of the plot line go something like this:  you take on the role of a thief and space pirate- a character by the name of Julian Gardna.  The overall goal for Julian is to uncover the evil plot of the Khaak as they try to commandeer the X-Universe.  To do so you must travel into the bowels of the universe to uncover many secrets. All the while, you’ll be building your character so that you’re able to take on the many threats that oppose you.  You also meet a number of helpful characters along the way, such as:

Brett Serra- Julian’s Friend

Ban Danna- Head of the Secret Service

Kyle Brennan- Julian’s Father

And many other characters that add significantly to the plot line of the overall game.  As is with many RPGs, you won’t be able to play X2 straight through without breaking from the plot line to develop your character, build stats and stature.  This is part of what makes the game fun though, as breaking from the plot and building your character into a strong character makes everything more interesting.

It has been noted that X2: The Threat plays even better when you use multiple monitors.  In fact, X2 has been called one of the best games to play on a multiple monitor computer system.  You can do so on Windows, OSX and Linux, however, Windows XP and later are probably the easiest to setup.  Most Windows operators that try to setup multiple
monitors find that it’s relatively easy to do just by following a few simple instructions.  As long as your hardware can already tolerate multiple screens, then it might be as simple as plugging in the extra monitor and adjusting a few settings within the control panel.  The same goes for spanning your screen during game play of X2.  Most people find that it doesn’t take a lot of effort and adds significantly to the game play.  Creating a 3-screen environment gives you better access to game controls which will allow you to play faster and better.

Overall, X2: The Threat is a fantastic PC/MAC/LINUX game that users that enjoy in depth story lines and great graphics will likely appreciate.  Despite being called slow paced by a few critics, X2 was overall well received, which is why it can be said with confidence that this is a fun game that you will likely enjoy.  Add to the experience the use of more than 3 monitors and you’ll find yourself lost in a space universe that inspires and pushes your imagination to its limits.  Give X2: The Threat a try if you’re ready for a new adventure in an old galaxy- the X-Universe!