Who is Using Multi-Monitor Technology?

The kinds of people who are using multi-monitor technology are growing by leaps and bounds. Professionals started out being some of the first to use the technology, since then it


has expanded until many people say they could never go back to using one screen.  Web designers started out using the multi-monitor technology because it allowed them to save time. Instead of flipping  from one application to another they could just look at another screen thus saving time and energy.

Professionals also use the multi-monitor technology because it helps them in more than one way. First, it helps them to be more organized and eliminates paper clutter. Second it is a great way for them to keep in close contact with clients. One screen can be used for the bulk of their work while another can be used for email or Twitter. By leaving the one screen open for email or Twitter they can respond faster to their clients. Businesses have found that using the multi-monitor technology during video conference calls allows them the capability of referring to other websites, charts or any additional information that they may need to use during the call.

Many companies are finding that they can save money by using multi-screen technology. Multiple studies have shown that errors for workers have decreased and that the stress level for workers has also been significantly reduced. The productivity is definitely increased by using more than one screen.  People who work from home find that having multi-screen technology is very convenient. By stacking the screens it saves desktop space which can often be a drawback to working from home. Gamers are some of the most avid users when it comes to using the multi-screen technology. The market industry has found that young men around 35 are an easy target to reach. Gamers spend time connecting with others while playing games. They use text messaging, comment on blogs, and send reviews. Multi-screen technology users are varied be it individuals, gamers or large corporations the number of people now using this technology is becoming greater than those who still use one screen.