Who Uses Video Walls?

Who uses video walls? If you go to many trade shows, then the answer should be obvious, but not all of us go to trade shows. In fact, that’s just one very particular niche. So the real question is what other industries are purchasing video walls and why are they using them? The answer is really all industries in

ATI Multiple Monitors Flight Simulator Video Wall Display
ATI Multiple Monitors Flight Simulator Video Wall Display
some form or another. In this article we’re going to run down some of the most common industries using video walls. We’ll discuss why they are using them, and how they set them up. So hang on, this is going to be good!
The first group we’ll take about is the trade show and large conference video wall groups. These guys often use large visual presentations to attract new clients or customers. The key for a trade show video wall display is that it must be attention grabbing- when you are on a floor with potentially hundreds of other vendors, the idea is that you want to stand out among the crowd. Venders have figured out that using, for example, an 82 inch large-screen LCD monitor from NEC does just that. Just the sheer size of this single screen alone is enough to really grab some attention. Not to mention the fact that the colors and brightness of this particular model are spectacular. Combine this with a stunning visual presentation and you are bound to grab the attention of your next big client. Of course, not everyone has $50,000 to invest in their trade show display. Fortunately there is another option as well- the Super—PC Xtreme4vs video wall controller box. This machine can connect 4 large displays, creating the same effect as the NEC 82 inch large screen LCD monitor, at a fraction of the cost. You can find this equipment and experts on setting up this equipment at multi-monitors.com.
Of course, not everyone uses digital signage for a trade show. One of my favorite digital signage or video wall displays was in a Best Buy store back in 1998. Of course, the technology has gotten a lot better since then, but it was great to walk into that store and see the entire back wall as one visual display. Now think about the impact this would have on your customers as well. Using the NEC 55 inch 2×2 video wall solution is one way of accomplishing this. NEC is known for their absolutely top notch quality- with ultra brilliant colors and brightness that work perfect in a retail setting because they tend to counteract any ambient lighting problems that you might otherwise encounter. Another option retail store video wall option would be the iVu9 Pro Stand Alone Video wall. Similar to the Super-PC Xtreme4vs, the iVu9 Pro is available through multi-monitors.com and is an ultra high resolution option for your retail store. In fact, the iVu9 Pro uses up to 8 megapixel output, meaning you won’t lose display quality. In a retail setting, this is the perfect way to grab your customers’ attention and create a fun and energetic environment, while promoting your latest products and services. And trust me, it works or companies like Best Buy wouldn’t have been using this technology for over a decade!
Another group that uses video walls is intelligence and military personnel. We use to think it was just for TV, but the US Navy and other military frequently purchases video walls for their intelligence personal. They use mapping and stocking features and make good use of the extreme amount of space. While what they actually buy might be classified, what they are using it for is no secret, keeping us safe!
If you are considering putting together a video wall, hopefully the above examples gave you some ideas. If you are still not sure what to buy, go check the guys over at multi-monitors.com. They are experts in the field of video walls, digital signage and more. In fact, they’ve been around since 2006 and have helped design thousands of custom solutions for every concept imaginable- big or small. Don’t be afraid to expand your business by using a video wall to help rope in new customers. You won’t be disappointed once you start using your new video wall!