Why Game with Multiple Monitors?

Hardcore gamers figured out something long ago that the average gamer just now seems to be catching on to:  more screens means more fun.  Regardless of the style of game you like play, be it FPS (first person shooter), RPG (role playing game), or RTS (real time strategy), using multiple monitors will make these games more fun and I guarantee you’ll be enjoying them.  Why, you ask?  It’s actually simple, playing games on multiple screens does a few things and in this article we’re going to discuss what those are.  We’re also going to discuss how you can turn your gaming PC into a multiple monitor machine and we’re going to discuss some of the computer specs that you need to do this.

So what kinds of games play well on multiple monitors?  Well as I mentioned above, just about any genre is going to be better on multiple screens.  For example, games like Call of Duty (a FPS or First Person Shooter) are better because you get a better overall view of the screen around you.  While you don’t see more than other players, you do have a more realistic view.  You can better use your natural peripheral vision to see who’s running up beside you.  RPGs are better on multiple monitors too.  Especially when you are looking at large screens, such as an open map like you might expect to find in Final Fantasy.  You’ll be able to maneuver better as well.  And for all of you RTS (or real time strategy) geeks that love games like World of Warcraft, having more screen real estate is going to benefit you pretty greatly too.  In fact, most of the already hardcore gamers already have multiple screens setup.

Having additional screen space is becoming especially popular for racing games and flight simulators.   In fact, a lot of flight schools actually use games such as Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X to help train their young or new pilots.  They are able to do this by creating an amazing display that is very similar to a real cockpit.  Each screen can represent a section of the cockpit, so when the pilot gets into his Cessna or similar plane for the first time, he already knows his way around.  This cuts the learning curve pretty dramatically.

Another popular use for multiple monitors in gaming is racing video games.  In fact, when the Charlotte motor speedway wanted to kick off the use of their giant multi-monitor screen, then introduced it with the most amazing version of video racing ever created.  But that’s not the only time this has been done in racing.  In fact, iRacing.com, the popular video game site that holds real championship online racing recommends setting up 3 or more monitors for the best affect.  And it’s not just gamers that are doing this.  The site gained notoriety when professional racecar drivers, like Dale Earnhardt started using multiple monitor systems to practice when they were injured or otherwise couldn’t make it to a real track.

So what do you need to setup a multiple monitor gaming system.  Well it should be noted that gaming computers in general have a bit more punch then a standard computer.  Gamers tend to want high quality components as well as the latest and the newest.  So, if you already have a gaming computer, then my guess if you have 8 GB of RAM or more, an i5 processor, and a great video card.  If you have these components and your video card already accepts 2 or more monitors (and many do these days) then it may be as simple as plugging in the extra monitor and heading into control panel.  However, most of us will need at least one or more pieces of hardware to get things running smoothly.  We’ll go over that next.

If you don’t have a video card that will allow you to hook up 2 monitors, that’s OK!  I’m going to let you in on a little secret to help you hook up multiple monitors to your gaming computer.  There are adapters available that make hooking up an extra monitor extremely easy.  One of the most popular adapters out there is called the DualHead2Go and it’s sister (and 3 monitor capable) TripleHead2Go.  These are plug-n-play devices that allow you to hook up additional monitors without having to open up your computer.  That’s the big advantage of course, as most people don’t like opening the case, especially if you have an expensive computer.  If you’d prefer to get a new video card though, this is another possibility.  There are plenty of video cards that are designed specifically for multiple monitor computers.  They can range anywhere from $100 all the way up to thousands of dollars depending on just how powerful they are.

Well hopefully this helps answer some of your questions about multiple monitor gaming computers with multiple monitors.  It’s guaranteed that once you make the move to a gaming computer with multiple monitors, you will not be returning to a single monitor computer.  The advantages are immense and you’ll only wonder why it took you so long to hook up your gaming computer with multiple monitors.