Why the University of Utah Isn’t The Only Place Touting Multiple Screens

It wasn’t that long ago that they University of Utah came up with a pretty surprising conclusion, that despite the additional distractions of a modern work environment, using multiple screens can lead to increased productivity.   (http://blogs.wsj.com/biztech/2008/03/10/bigger-computer-monitors-more-productivity/)  In fact they say that both a bigger screen and using multiple screens can help you improve your productivity, which makes a lot of sense if you think about it.  And that’s why so many people have started making the switch from one screen to many screens.  And it isn’t just people like day traders and FOREX traders that are taking advantage of the benefits of a video wall; it’s niches all across the board.  So it’s no surprise that companies across the globe are offering up multiple screens to their employees, that at home businesses are using additional screens and that schools, government agencies and everything in between are also using multiple monitors to increase their productivity.  In this article we’re going to list 5 places where you might expect to find multiple monitors now, or in the near future.


Airports are actually one the first places that remember seeing using multiple screens, as long ago as the 1980’s, you know when everyone was still smoking in airports and the big CRT black and white or green screen monitors hung on the wall.  Well things have actually improved quite significantly these days- there are multiple LED monitors through out the airport that display a ton of different information, such as where to find things within the airport, WiFi information, local and national weather, news, sports, advertising, flight information,menus for restaurants and a whole lot of other use information that people are taking advantage of while they are hanging out in the airport.


Yes, you read that right- on airlines themselves, you’ll find information pertaining to the flight (including a cool GPS feature that shows you where you are at in flight and gives you an estimated time of arrival.  In addition, these screens show movies, TV shows and more.  This has been available on select airlines for quite some time, but is now available on most airlines.  If you’ve yet to be on an airline that offers this, let me tell you, you’re missing out.  It makes a long boring flight considerably better.

911 Emergency Call Centers

911 operators, as well as a few other government officials, have gotten much more efficient with their operations.  Why?  Well they’ve started using multiple monitor computer systems so that they can better assistant those in their time of need.  They can monitor the call; help direct fire, police and ambulance personnel as well.  This has lead to faster response times that have helped save lives.


Financial Institutions

It’s no secret that day traders use multiple monitor computers.  In fact this was one of the first industries to really embrace using multiple screens to improve work performance.  In industries like stock exchange, being able to act quickly and accurately, with all the information needed right in front of you, is of the upmost importance.  That’s why day traders started using multiple screens a early on and why they will continue to do so.



There are numerous examples of hotels that use multiple monitor computer systems to accomplish a number of goals.

1)  To entertain guests while they wait in line.

2)  To offer up information on attractions, shows, dining, transportation and more.

3)  To add to visual display, making a hotel appear more modern or advanced.

4)  To pass along other pertinent information that guests might find appealing.


And these aren’t the only places that use multiple monitor computer systems or video walls.  There are so many applications for using multiple screens; the list could literally go on forever.  Regardless of what your business is, hopefully this article gave you some insight into how others are using multiple monitors to help improve their business function.  As time goes on, it is highly likely that other businesses will probably start doing the same.  Your business can be improved as well with the use of multiple monitors to help improve your productivity and increase your profits.